After the Birth

Council House Goldens is planning on a litter later this summer, and with that, we are reminded of the precious moments from past litters.  As I sat in the whelping box with Ziva awaiting the coming of her puppies, I realized that I was permitted to come into a special space where she was strong, resolute and vulnerable.  Ziva asked me to be present and confirmed what I thought she was telling me when she stopped her pacing, sat down by my side and then rested her head in my lap.  She seemed to find comfort in my presence and began licking my hand.  Within 10 minutes she was pushing to birth the first pup of a litter of ten.

I spent the next seven days in that whelping box or sleeping on the couch next to her space and for weeks following I watched as Ziva gave me yet one more reason to love her more, to be amazed at who she was.  We have many pictures of that day and the days and weeks that followed and enjoy every last one of them, but this moment I love in a way that does something special to my heart.  She worked so hard that day and never whimpered, fussed or fought.  Instead, Ziva was resplendent and lovely, strong and determined.  Seeing her resting with her babies was the crowning glory of a labor of love.

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