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Lake Country Zachariah

Strength and Beauty

Zach was a beauty from the day he arrived on the homestead but his temperament, although sweet and fun loving, didn’t exemplify strength. He was such a tender little pup and seemed to be afraid of his own shadow. The Golden Retriever breed standard says that this dog is self-confident so I watched and waited and gave him time to adjust to an already bustling home of English Cream Golden Retrievers.

My patience paid off as Zach grew more confident with each passing day. He is now an adoring and devoted guardian of the homestead. I have watched as Zach not only is comfortable within himself but has now taken on the calling of overseer.

The homestead is a glorious ten acres of space for the dogs and pups to run and play but when they hear my call and as they all begin to “come in” Zach steadies his pace between responding to my summons and turning to ensure that the younger pups are safely on their way. It is fascinating to watch as our boy continues his vigil until all are carefully accounted for. Zach, brave and beautiful!